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Grant Morrison
Black Amazon of Mars and Other Tales from the Pulps
Leigh Brackett
Winger - Andrew  Smith What-if-I-were-to-write-my-entire-review-like-this-in-a-hyphen-abusing-sort-of-way? Would-it-annoy-you-nearly-as-much-as-reading-several-sentences-like-this-on-every-single-page-of-the-book-annoyed-me? Let's-try-it:

Ryan-Dean-is-many-things. He-is-a-stupid-name-and-an-unlikeable-protagonist. He-is-the-author-of-his-own-troubles. He-is-a-loser, he-is-a-skinny-bitch-ass, and-he-is-not-gay. If-you-can't-remember-any-of-this-don't-worry-he-will-incessantly-remind-you-in-a-guy-with-alzheimer's-sort-of-way. Annoyed-yet?

Other things he will repeatedly remind you of:

* He is okay with guys who are gay.
* All three of the girls in his school are hot.
* His one female teacher is hot. As is the one female nurse.
* The woman (teacher?) living in his dorm hall is unhot and probably a witch. And unhot.
* He is a kid. All of two whopping years younger than the rest of his classmates.

Seriously, Ryan Deal will never ever let you forget these facts about himself. On every single page.

But as bad as this all may (or may not) sound to you, it was a tolerably light read with the occasional bout of legitimate humor. That is until about the last 20 or so pages at the end of the book. Had I known how it would end I would never have read it in the first place.