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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs I did enjoy this book- much more than most books I've read lately- but I had some problems with it that bugged me all through to the very end. First off, the author never really seemed to know what kind of book he was writing. One minute it was paranormal, the next it was a fairy tale and in between there were moments of horror. It would not have annoyed me so much had the author found a way to combine them all naturally, but it just seemed like each element was tacked on one on top of the other. The other issue I had was with the main character. When the story first began he had a sharp wit and and was likeable. But when he became embroiled in the mystery his intelligence and intuition dropped and he became the least interesting thing in the story. The pictures also became less and less interesting as the story evolved and at times it felt gimmicky. But despite these few frustrating aspects, the book was a fairly decent read and it gave me some chills while reading at night.