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The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt I'm a little torn about this book. There were moments I genuinely cracked up over some of the absurd adventures, and then there were moments where I was undeniably bored. This book was about nothing, the adventures had nothing to do with anything. (Well, it turns out the book may have actually been about the relationship of the two brothers but I didn't realize this until the Epilogue. Therefore I continue to consider it a book about nothing.) It felt like I was reading an RPG, where there's an established main quest but one often gets sidelined and waylaid by trivial, unconnected missions along the way that only seem to delay the all-important objective. The nearer the brothers reached the end of their tale, the more it seemed the story dragged on. And I'm certain the one thing I'll always remember about this book is that the narrator of the story became oddly obsessed with dental hygiene- he wasted more pages than necessary to the act of brushing his teeth. I'm glad I read it, but I'm even more glad I'm no longer reading it.