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Batman: The Widening Gyre - Kevin Smith, Walter Flanagan, Art Thibert I felt like I missed something while reading this. Was Kevin Smith being serious? Was there some sort of joke that went over my head that would have helped me to understand this story? I hope so, because without that missing piece I seem to have gotten sucked into some teen-scribed fan-fiction. I don't mind Batman being happy, even foolishly, sappily so. I can even handle Batman being a little silly once in a while. But this was not Batman. This wasn't even Bruce Wayne. Both guys are infinitely cooler than whomever this imposter is. And Silver St. Cloud has got to be the worst socialite Batman has ever breathed the same air with. She is obnoxious, grating and perpetually twelve. Batman has had dalliances with some amazing women, but we're to believe that he's willing to settle down with the Queen of Whine? I can't even stand up for Catwoman- a personal favorite- because she was also written down to a love-struck teenage girl who plays games to get the guy she wants. I think Smith spent a little too much time on Degrassi. The only things missing here are acne, puberty-induced voice cracks, and sleep-overs in which the girls of Gotham swoon over the hottest of the Justice League.

Baphomet was cool; I liked him even though I had no doubt of his sinister role. And some of the villains they encountered were rather fun to read about. But with Baphomet's appearance came the disappearance of Batman's proteges. His hormones go into overdrive whenever he thinks of Baphomet and the freedom his role is allowing him to have, but he's fostered more heroes with more talent than this goat-guy has and he's never felt any ease in letting them take over. If I were Robin or Nightwing I'd be quite offended.

The very last page barely makes up for the rest of the pages, but it helps. It also makes me wonder: did Kevin Smith hate Silver St. Cloud as much as I did?